You can achieve a higher quality of life. You will know that therapy is working when:

  • Your moods are manageable and predictable.
  • You have a healthy home/life/work balance.
  • Your relationships are based in empathy, trust, and honesty.
  • You live your life with awareness and integrity.

Below are some of the clinical approaches I will use to inform our work:


You are a unique blend of neurons, chemical reactions, family history, intrapersonal experiences, hopes, wishes, dreams, talents, and abilities. In our work together, we will explore how aspects of your early socialization combine with your genetics to create the Self that you experience today.

Human Development and Attachment Styles

As we age, human beings move through several developmental stages. When we are surrounded by healthy, loving people in childhood we grow to become healthy, well-adjusted adults who are secure in our relationships and can function well across the different domains of our lives. If you struggle with attracting (and maintaining) the types of relationships that inspire self-actualization, I would encourage that we explore your attachment style.

Motivational Interviewing

Motivational interviewing is a style of communication that empowers and motivates you to create lasting change. Together, we discover how the course of therapy can best serve you. We identify the things, people, situations, and patterns of behavior that block your reach towards your goals.  In order to help you find your voice, I will sometimes approach our conversations from a non-expert perspective; in other words, I will empower you to become assertive and to lead your process of change.


Mindfulness is the practice of focusing your attention inward, into your state of being as it happens in the present moment. During our sessions, we will tune in to your thoughts, emotions, and physiological state as a way to understand and release unhelpful, outdated methods of coping with cognitive and emotional stressors.


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